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Way2Society is an initiative to make the life simple, however effective for the society committee and the members. Following are the features of the Way2Society : -

a) Administration of your society

Day to day queries handling been never easy for the office bearers since manual record keeping was required at every step. By registering here, keeps track of all your attended/unattended queries of the members with alerts to office bearers/managers on overdue queries. Virtual notice board system will replace your society notice board with online notice board. Manual accounting administrations is now just few clicks away.

b) Cloud based accounting

Accounting, being integral part of the system, However managing the same and maintaining transparency throughout is task for office bearers. Online billing, SMS facilities, reminding members on overdue payments is basic features of this system. Advanced is the online approval system with lots of system generated entries reduces the manual intervention considerably. Different level of user management is also key features on the

c) Ask the legal experts

Post your queries related to accounting, administration and legal of your society and get experts opinion from the experts of respective field.

d) Accounting service with desc

e) Audit

f) Return filling