How to register the society and which documents required for it?

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It is obligatory to apply for co-operative society or Association of Apartment within four months from the taking possession of galas/flats/shops/units by holders, necessary for forming the co-operative society or Association of Apartment according to provisions mentioned under section 10 of the Maharashtra Ownership Flat Act 1963 and rule 8 of Rules 1964 there under. While taking into consideration of these provisions it is necessary to make an application for getting permission for opening bank account by keeping the name of the proposed society reserve by the builder/promoters/chief promoter to the Registrar, co-operative societies in the concerned. It is necessary to make selection of the chief promoter in the primary meeting of the members. If not desire to work as Chief Promoter for some reason than in such situation, any member from the galas/flats/shops/units holder can be selected as a Chief Promoter. However while submitting proposal it is necessary to submit consent letter that builder promoters are ready to co-operate for the work of registering the society. Following papers are necessary for submitting the proposal for getting permission for opening the bank account.

  • Application for opening the bank account by reserving the name of the proposed society in the prescribed format. (On adhesive court fee stamp of Rs.25/-)
  • Copy of the minutes of primary meeting (in the prescribed format)
  • Photo copy of the sale deed/development agreement executed between the original owner of the land and builder promoter.
  • Photo copy of the 7/12 extract or the property registered card.
  • Photo copy of the power of attorney if given to the builder, promoter by the original owner.
  • Copy of the order form competent office under urban land ceiling Act 1976.
  • Detailed scheme of the proposed society and its nature
  • List of the proposed members.
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