What are the main objects of formation of a Society?

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The main objects of the formation of a housing society are as under:

  • To obtain conveyance from the owner/Promoter (Builder), in accordance with the provisions of the ownership Flats Act and the Rules made there under, of the right, title and interest, in the land with building/buildings thereon as described in the application for registration of the society;
  • To manage, maintain and administer the property of the society;
  • To raise funds for achieving the objects of the society;
  • To undertake and provide, for on its own account or jointly with cooperative institution, social cultural or re-creative activities;
  • To provide Co-operative education and training to develop co- operative skills of its members, Committee members, Officers and employees of the society.
  • To do all things, necessary or expedient for the attainment of the objects of the society, as specified in the bye-laws.
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