What is the procedure for changing the name of the Society?

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The society has to follow the procedure which is laid down under section 15 of the Act and rule 14 of the rules for changing its name. Section 15 and rule 14 are reproduced here under:

Section 15: Change of name:

A society may, by resolution passed at a general meeting and with the approval of the registrar, change its name; but such change shall not affect any right or obligation of the society, or of any of its members, or past members, or deceased members; and any legal proceedings pending before any person, authority or court may be continued by or against the society, under its new name.

  • Where a society changes its name, the registrar shall enter the new name in its place in the register of societies and shall also amend the certificate of registration accordingly.
Rule 14: Change in name of society:
  • The name of a society may be changed under section 15 so howsoever that it does not refer to any caste or religious denomination and is not inconsistent with the objects of the society.
  • Every change in the name of a Society shall be made by an amendment of its bye-laws and shall be notified in the official gazette.
  • After the change in the name is approved by the Registrar, the Society shall send the original registration certificate for amendment to the registrar, who shall return the same to the society duly amended.
  • The registrar shall enter the new name in the register of societies maintained by him.
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